Verschiedene Gebindegrößen der Metallbearbeitungsöle von Jokisch

High Performance Metalworkingoils from Jokisch


What does the element earth stand for? Being practical, solid and reliable. A mirror of the Jokisch metalworking oils. This product group is used for severer and severest operations and thus providing excellent resistance against applied process stress. Mountains as new product names are perfectly reflecting this rigidity of metalworking oils.

The high-quality Jokisch metal working and cutting oils, also called non-water-miscible cooling lubricants from or, guarantee an increased
in productivity and performance and thus helping to achieve a high surface quality + dimensional accuracy.
The various product lines in the field of cutting oils are suitable for a wide variety of applications from drilling, turning, milling, broaching and thread cutting to grinding, forming and minimum quantity lubrication.
Special metalworking pastes for sophisticated requirements and also industrial lubricants complete the portfolio.
Our back office and field service experts support you in the selection and use of metalworking oils and further specialities from Jokisch.
In the event of malfunctions, they will help you to find the cause and correct it properly.


Jokisch Top Products in the field of Metalworking Oils