Verschiedene Gebindegrößen der Kühlschmierstoffe von Jokisch

High performance water-soluble fluids from Jokisch


The element of water represents the dynamic of the water-soluble fluids. Continuous changes of the law demand a high level of flexibility from manufacturers – just like water, which always finds its way to the oceans. That is why the product names represent names of rivers.

The Jokisch Migma Tano product group (water soluble fluids containing mineral oil) and the Jokisch Migma Evio product group (synthetic cooling fluids) offer the perfect product for every machining process.
From conventional metal cutting to the heaviest machining for a variety of materials. High-pressure processing (HPC), excellent dirt-carrying properties, stability in different water qualities and long-term stability characterize the high-performance cooling fluids from Jokisch. Increase your process reliability and achieve a competitive advantage with cooling fluids from Jokisch GmbH.
Our in-house and field service experts support you in the selection and use of cooling lubricants.
In the event of malfunctions, they will help you to find the cause and correct it properly.
A perfectly coordinated portfolio of accessories guarantees that the coolant used will function to your complete satisfaction.


Jokisch Top-Products in the field of water-soluble fluids