Jokisch GmbH achieves and exceeds many of the most demanding quality requirements.
Our integrated management system covers the areas of quality, environment, occupational safety and health protection.













Our QHSSE - Accountability
We acknowledge, that our activities and products may have a potential impact or may be a risk for overall quality, environment, health of our staff and security. Our highest priority is to manage these potential consequences and risks and to operate Jokisch GmbH according to accepted social norms and legislation within the countries we operate in.

For us quality, health protection, work safety and environmental protection, including security of our operation areas of top priority, which in particular are driven due to the potential impact of man and nature, but also considering economical sustainability. Continuous improvement in work conditions, production processes and maintenance aside of meeting customer requirements with regard to products and services guarantees that we meet the challenges of the established QHSSE management system.

planning and goals

The quality of our products, combined with the environmentally friendly raw materials and processes; avoidance of accidents and the well being of our staff and customers is a fundamental element of our successful business activity. This commitment is an important criteria fort he purchasing decision and establishes a reliable long term partnership with our customers. We are committed to improve and to strengthen our brand reputation and success of our company. We strive to fully comply with customers requirements. This requires a lot of energy with regard to our product development and our organisational set up.


ISO 18001:2007

Occupational Health- and Safety Assesment Series Certificate

ISO 14001:2015

Environmental Management Certificate

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ISO 9001:2015

Quality Management Certificate

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