Jokisch Fosia
Smart Fluid Monitoring

The classic analysis and control cycle in cooling fluid management


  • Daily variations in concentration
  • Level variations
  • High manual effort
  • High maintenance costs
  • Process reliability
  • Health aspects for employees
  • pH-value and concentration measurement
  • Bacterial growth
  • TRGS 611 compliant
  • Documentation


Jokisch Fosia Smart Fluid Monitoring

Analysis. Control. Regulation.

Precise and low-maintenance cooling lubrication management is a central factor for quality results in industrial metalworking. The fully automated SFM solutions from Jokisch continuously captures all important parameters of the emulsions in use and adjusts the results automatically in an intelligent controlling circuit.


Jokisch Fosia SFM iFC

The entry into digital fluid management

Automatic control and filling
  • No level and concentration variations
  • Automatic calculation of the concentration for subsequent dosing
  • Reduction of manual work steps
  • Reduction of tool and coolant costs
  • Extend tool life
  • Extend water soluble service life
  • Improve surface quality
  • Increase process security
  • Automatic control of up to 100 individual tank systems
  • Modularly expandable for full automation

Jokisch Fosia SFM iFM

The next level in digital fluid management

Fully automatic cooling fluid monitoring
  • Fully automatted real-time measurement for water soluble fluids (pH-value,concentration, conductivity and temperature)
  • Reduction of manual work steps
  • Reduction of tool and coolant costs
  • Increases in efficiency and productivity
  • Fully automatic concentration control in combination with the Jokisch Fosia SFM iFC
  • Competitive advantages through automation of the cooling fluid management

The SFM customer portal

Cooling lubricants always in view

In the SFM customer portal, the recorded water soluble fluid data are stored, visualized and processed further. All values are visible for the user at any time. Integration into existing CRM systems or water soluble fluid portals is easily possible.

Typical setup with a SFM iFC and SFM iFM

Professional installation and maintenance service


From financing to installation and maintenance - everything from a single source

360 ° service to ensure your process reliability

On request, our experts will take over the complete remote cooling fluid monitoring for you


Coolant management calculator

With Jokisch Smart Fluid Monitoring (SFM iFC), concentration and level variations belong to the past.
The manual effort and the associated maintenance costs are significantly reduced.
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