Dear business partners,

Today we would like to give you a short overview of the situation at Jokisch GmbH.
At the moment all operational processes are running in a normal way, which means that so far there are no or only minor disturbances in the daily business.

Due to the Jokisch/rhoba-chemie group of companies, there are redundancies and the first emergency plans were already developed the week before last, which provide for certain escalation levels.

From today's perspective (17.3), the supply situation with raw materials, containers, etc. is not to be assessed as critical. However, this does not apply to raw materials required by rhoba-chemie for the production of surface disinfectants. Here there are considerable shortages with corresponding price spikes, which currently make medium- to longer-term planning difficult.
The cross-company crisis team discusses the current situation every day in order to implement the measures defined in the emergency plans at an early stage.
These include, for example, the increased use of home offices. Technical precautions have been taken to this end. All employees in the home office can be reached at their known telephone numbers and e-mail addresses during normal working hours.
In this way, we want to ensure that all functions and areas remain operational even if Jokisch/rhoba-chemie employees are affected.
In the past, we have already outsourced our core IT areas, including the computer center, to external service providers. Both companies have confirmed to us that they are implementing similar precautionary measures to our own and therefore do not currently expect any serious cuts in service performance.
Preparations have also been made to relocate production to the respective "sister company" should the situation require it.
In addition to maintaining the health situation of our employees, our top priority is the ability to deliver our products to our customers.
Every possibility to maintain the processes necessary for this will be implemented. However, even we cannot influence external factors.
We ask for your understanding that from now on Jokisch/ rhoba-Chemie will not visit customers and will not be able to receive visitors at our sites. We will use and offer all possibilities of modern communication (telephone and video conferences, etc.) in order to remain in constant dialogue with you.
As we cannot absolutely exclude the possibility that there may be delays in the processing of your valued orders, we would also like to ask for your understanding in this case already now.
The teams of rhoba-chemie and Jokisch will do their utmost to continue to ensure a smooth process.
Together is the word of the hour, together we have to master this unprecedented situation.
Perhaps these lines will help to signal to you that we are your reliable partner and will continue to support you "as usual" during this unusual time. Do you have any further questions? Just call the known contact persons!
Let us all wish that we can master this as global citizens!
Management rhoba-chemie GmbH, Jokisch GmbH