Jokisch Monos Neri D68

Hydrauliköl HLP D 68
Item No.: 26300006
10 Liter PE Canister
High performance hydraulic oil with excellent cleaning properties
10 Liter PE Canister
25 Liter PE Canister
Industrial hydraulic systems, plastic injection molding machines, hydraulic system with electronic control, mobile hydraulic systems, machine tools, compressed air tools, sliding and guideways, unless special slideway oil is demanded and hydraulic and mechanical presses
Cleansing property, corrosion protection, emulsifying ability, improved stick-slip properties, improved wear protection and load-carrying capacity, filterable, aging-resistant and complies with the requirements of DIN 51524 part 2 and is designated after DIN 51502 .
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Flashpoint (°C) (PM)
Kin. viscosity @ 40°C (mm²/s)