Jokisch Monos Neri 046

Hydrauliköl HLP 46
Item No.: 12400004
5 Liter PE Canister
Thermally stable and easily filterable hydraulic oil. Useable in stationary and mobile hydraulicsystems, ship hydraulics as well as rolling-, and plain bearing oil and transmission fluid.
5 Liter PE Canister
10 Liter PE Canister
25 Liter PE Canister
60 Liter Drum
209 Liter Drum
Especially in highly stressed hydraulic systems with increased demands on wear protection and thermal and oxidative stability, the hydraulic oils reliably protect the sensitive control valve technology and other hydraulic components. Use in: Stationary hydraulic systems, mobile hydraulic systems, ships hydraulics and sliding, rolling bearing and as gear oil.
Thermal stability, oxidation resistance, hydrolytic resistance, excellent filterability, lower friction, excellent air seperation capacity, good foam behaviour and good water / oil seperation behaviour.
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Flashpoint (°C) (PM)
Kin. viscosity @ 40°C (mm²/s)