Jokisch Fosia Skim B.M

Item No.: 20000012
Bandscimmer for continuous or periodic removal of tramp oil and floating contaminants.
1. The band scimmer should only be attached to the coolant reservoir after the coolant was left for 2 hours or longer to ensure that the tramp oils had time to separat and have been deposited safely on the surface. 2. Attach the oil scimmer to the coolant reservoir so that the belt is submerged at a depth of 10 to 40 mm into the liquid. The 2 joints give you a wide range of adjustment possibilities. The drain pipe with hose should always be sloped slightly downwards to ensure reliable scimming of the tramp oils. The collection container should have sufficiently large dimensions. 3. Either the machine can be switched on directly at the power supply or with the plug-in connector on the housing. You have the option of setting the voltage on the power supply in steps from 3 to 12 volts. The rotational speed increases as the voltage gets higher. We recommend to begin with level 6 (12 volts) when switching on, because the friction forces are still relatively high. After only a few rotations, the voltage and therefore the rotations per minute can be adjusted down to level 1 (3 volts), because the oil scimmer produces its best results at the slowest speed. 4. The period of use will depend largely on the volume of tramp oil. (It usually takes between 2 and 12 hours.) Longer operating times (e.g. at the weekend) are possible, if you have provided a large enough collection container, so that inadvertent spilling is prevented.
Safety Instruction
Protect the plug-in mains adaptor (220 V) from being splashed with water. If possible, avoid the belt from becoming jammed. Do not touch the belt with your hand during operation. If there is a large quantity of floating foreign material (plastic shavings, etc.), blockages can occur, which may cause a larger quantity of coolant to be skimmed off or a blockage in the drain pipe. This can be avoided by making regular inspections and cleaning as required. Do not clean the belt with liquids containing solvents. CE mark present.
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