Jokisch Fosia Mix Macro

Item No.: 20000003
FAG 800
The precision mixing unit is the result of years of experience and continuous technical refinement of proven systems. The drum cap mixing unit is suitable for producing stable and homogeneous emulsions in a wide range of concentrations levels. With this unit all water based coolant concentrates can be used to prepare the required emulsions.
All water-soluble cooling lubricant concentrates can be mixed. It is ideal for filling individual machines or containers. With a barrel roller, the concentrate barrel can be easily transported to the individual machines with the mixing unit screwed on. The mixing device for drums is easy to screw on.
The barrel mixing unit operates on the principle of jet pumps. The transfer of energy to the pumped liquid (concentrate) is produced by mixing with the propellant fluid (water). Our precision mixers are the result of our total commitment to quality, innovative technology, years of experience and consistent further development of proven systems.
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