Jokisch Fosia Clean Uni

Bio - Universalreiniger
Item No.: 12700001
500ml Pumpsprayer
Highly concentrated aqueous cleaner which removes dyes, colour pigments as well as oil, grease and fat contaminations without harming the surfaces. Biodegradable cleaner for universal use in industry and workshops. Depending on the dilution ratio, suitable for all metals including short term corrosion protection. Product is exempted from the specific labelling requirements of hazardous products according to ordinace on hazardous substances.
500ml Pumpsprayer
5 Liter PE Canister
10 Liter PE Canister
25 Liter PE Canister
Carton with 15 Bottles 500ml
200 Liter Drum
Special cleaner for metal degreasing as preparation for painting and powder coating. Excellently dissolves anti-corrosive oils, fats as well as synthetic and natural waxes. Contains corrosion inhibitors, which after the cleaning counteract short term after rusting. Also excellently suited for use in ultrasonic cleaning systems. Apply by spraying onto the metal parts that need to be degreased. Do not use on aluminum, anodized or galvanized surfaces! Due to the large number of cold-rolled greases and anti-corrosive oils we recommend to carry out a test on the surface to be cleaned.
Not subject to the VOC regulation, contains corrosion inhibitors, which after cleaning counteracts, short-term after-rusting, surfactants are biodegradable acc. EC Regulation, essentially skin-friendly as solvent-containing cleaner, cost-effective through high dilutability and demulsifying and oil separator safe.
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