Jokisch Fosia Clean Opti

OptiClean Ultimate
Item No.: 28500004
5 Liter PE Canister
Increased productivity, efficiency and reduced costs. For clear inspection windows on machine tools. It enables the cleaning of the inspection windows without foam generation on contact with cooling fluids.
500 ml Pumpsprayer
5 Liter PE Canister
10 Liter PE Canister
Was developed specifically for cleaning of machine tools and machining centers for increased productivity, efficiency and reduced costs. Preferably applied by spraying and wiping. Depending on the degree of soiling, we recommend a treatment time of about 30 60 seconds. In case of extreme soiling, the cleaning procedure may have to be repeated. Due to the wide range of alloys, primer, and varnish, we recommend a compatibility and suitability test for each application. When using the product, the safety data sheet and the product information must be observed.
Is not regulated by the VOC ordinance (VOC-content < 20%), the preparation is classified as non-hazardous, extremely fast drying without residues, contains no corrosion inhibitors, excellent removal of pitchedcoolant fluids (synthetic, semi-synthetic) from inspection windows, very successful with the final cleaning of industrial goods before shipping, counteracts repeated pollution, miscible with coolants without negative side effects, suitable for interior and exterior cleaning of the machines, can be used on nearly all subsurfaces such as prime coats, varnish, metal, plastic and glass, 100% tenside free and excellent self-acting by removal of adhesive residues, oil, pigment dust.
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