Jokisch Fosia Clean Easy

Easy Clean
Item No.: 13600SP4
Carton with 12 Spray tins 500ml
High performance degreaser for all sectors in industry and handcraft. Intensive quick cleaning for oily and greasy parts. Evaporates quickly and leaves no residues. Double cleaning power: Chemical by powerfull ingredients, Mechanical due to the high pressure outlet.
500ml Spray tin
Carton with 12 Spray tins 500ml
Stubborn dirt can be cleaned quickly and thoroughly. Spray the surfaces to be cleaned until the foam and grease have been rinsed off, or spray and wipe with a clean cloth. If necessary, repeat the cleaning procedure. Do not spray plastic parts or paint surfaces. Cleaning of machine parts, all cleaning works on vehicles, e.g. oiled and contaminated small parts, cleaning the disc brakes and brakeparts of oil, dirt and wear, preparation of materials for the adhesive or joining process, pre-cleaning for soft soldering and sealing surfaces, pretreatment for painting and priming, cleaning nozzles on spray cans and paint spray guns, removal of PUR foam in non-solidified state and distances from adhesive and bitumen residues. We recommend a compatibility test.
2-fold cleaning power, chemically through powerful ingredients, mechanical - due to high discharge pressure, quick evaporation, absolutely residue-free, does not leave any grease residue, not corrosive, removes moisture traces from metal surfaces, antistatic effect, can be sprayed in any position and removal of parts is not necessary.
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