Jokisch Fosia Clean 165

L 100 Universal - Kaltreiniger
Item No.: 9300014
209 Liter Drum
Hydrocarbon-based detergent with anti-corrosion properties. Flash point > 65°C. Working temperature max. 40°C. For use in immersion baths, small parts washing systems, high pressure cleaning systems and for manual cleaning. Short term corrosion protection. Suitable for all metals.
5 Liter PE Canister
10 Liter PE Canister
25 Liter PE Canister
60 Liter Drum
209 Liter Drum
Degreaser that is used undiluted at cold degreasing in metal processing and is suitable for all materials. Is preferably used in immersion baths for cleaning workpieces which have been processed with non-water-miscible cooling lubricants.
Degreaser based on mixed paraffins with cleaning and corrosion protection additives. Free of halogen compounds, low in aromatics and low odor. Reduces the pollution at the workplace through these properties. After evaporation of the hydrocarbon, a light film remains as temporary corrosion protection on the workpieces. The protection period, when stored indoors, is max. 1 week.
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