Jokisch Fosia Air Pump

Item No.: 20000034
A good maintenance is the requirement for a long service life of cooling fluids. With help from the Jokisch Fosia air pump the coolant is enriched with oxygen and at the same time the uplift of oil and dirt particles is increased. The oil film has no opportunity to close, whereby the coolant fluid is not sealed off and bacteria and fungi can not reproduce. The refloated foreign particles can simply be removed with an oilscimmer.
Taking good care of your coolant is the precondition for a long lifetime of the coolant fluid. Slideway oils or leakage oils from hydraulics cause an anaerobic environment in the coolant fluid. The unbroken oil film on the coolant fluid creates ideal life conditions for bacteria, yeasts and fungi. The result is a bad-smelling and harmful medium, which must promptly be replaced and disposed at high costs. Thus, high costs for you arise as well as an unnecessary environmental pollution. All this can be avoided by using our products. Our products include Jokisch Band oil scimmer, chain scimmer, disc oil scimmer as well as the Aeration pump. The trade associations highly recommend the aeration of coolant fluids. Suitable for permanent operation and bears the CE marking.
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