Grotanol FF 1 N

Item No.: 9200006
10 Liter PE Canister
Microbiocidal system cleaner for circulation systems and production plants.
Depending on the degree of soiling, grotanol® FF 1 N is used 1 % - 3 % in an aqueous solution. In order to achieve an optimum cleaning effect, a contact time of at least 6 - 24 hours is recommended. In metalworking fluid systems grotanol® FF 1 N can be added to the emulsion before the last shift begins and allowed to circulate. In general, work can be continued while the system cleaner is being used. Emulsifiers carry away the tramp oil and loosened dirt in the system. To prevent blockages, inspection of filters and overflows is advisable. Together with the microbiological sanitization, i.e. germ reduction in the system, there is a very good cleaning effect. After only 6 - 24 hours the cleaning is finished and the system is sanitized due to the excellent microbicidal efficacy of grotanol® FF 1 N. Please note that in cases of especially heavy contamination it is advisable to combine chemical and mechanical system cleaning. At the end of the residence time, which usually lasts for one shift, the metalworking fluid dilution containing the system cleaner can be discharged, split and disposed of as usual.
Environmental information
At a sufficient degree of dilution, all components of grotanol® FF 1 N are completely biodegradable. Dilutions of grotanol® FF 1 N do not normally interfere with the operation of waste water treatment plants. grotanol® FF 1 N contains no organic chlorine compounds, so that there is no effect on the AOX as a result of grotanol® FF 1 N in the waste water. The canisters and drums used by schülke are made of polyethylene (HDPE) and are labelled accordingly. The 1000 kg containers are covered by a return scheme that ensures collection of the used containers free of charge and appropriate reuse all over Europe. The labels are made of PE. schülke packaging materials contain no PVC and can be recycled. For further information please ask for our detailed environmental report.
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